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Latest Update: Campus Placement drive has been scheduled on 18,20,21,22,23 July 2024 from 10 AM onwards for B.Sc in Animation and Multimedia and B.Sc in Interior designing for final year Batch and Companies are Renderpub, BDiapers,Deluxe Entertainment Distribution India(P) Ltd. Students got placed with the following top companies like Deluxe Entertainment Pvt Ltd,K12,Renderpub,Animation Galaxy..Heartiest Congratulations! To all our BSC Students for successfully completing their graduation.

Can you point out one scholar who no longer requires a job? When it involves job placement, we apprehend the scholar requirements. Whether it's for a short-time period or a long-time period course, IIFA is the leading favored institute in numerous regions of design. Our Human Resources (HRD) continuously works toward improvising the manner consistent with enterprose necessities through growingand rediscovering their actual ability so they could equipped in the time of accountability. Learning remained the endless procudure despite the sector being at a standstill throughout the pandemic crisis. We have located many college students in the course of the marketplace crunch and lockdown. Our HRD withinside the International Placement Cell facilitates the scholars with placement help through internships, stay projects, gentle talents training, and flair training. Our group of academicsempowers the scholars to end up industry- prepared studying and nurture their innovative and analytical abilities. Below are our placement tatistics for specific domains.

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SL.No IIFA Campus Placement 2024 Schedule
1 Bangalore 22,24,26 of July 2024 12,14,15 of July 2024
2 Coimbatore 29,30,31 of July 2024 05,07,09 of July 2024
3 Mangalore 18th & 19th of July 2024 19,20,21 of July 2024
4 Vizag 25th of July 2024 20th of July 2024
5 Vishakapatnam 28th of July 2024 27th of July 2024
R.Anuva Koppal Game Developer HM Lesiuer
P.Swaroop Mukherjee Game Developer HM Lesiuer
S.Dakshit Krishna Game Developer HM Lesiuer
J.Sourabh Animator Dopamine
Tarun hirematt.L Web Designer Monrow
K.Arpan Singh Game Developer HM Lesiuer
A.Rajshekar Animator Dash Animation Studio
R.Ria Raj Animator TOEI Animation
Thushar.K Animator Alstom
G.Mounish Animator Alstom
R.Anil Animator LIBISOFT
Guneet Chawla 3D Modeler Cognizant
Ashu Agarwal.P Animator Ogilvy & Marther
M.Arnab Chanda Animation Director BNP PARIBAS
K.Anoohya 3D Visualizer PRADA
B.Anjali Design Engineer GUESS
T.D.Gayathri 3D Modeler Miracle Services
Mubinshad Animator Perfect Interior Design
S.Vasudha Animator Alston
S.Ankit Web Designer Cognizant
Rohini Pradhan.J Animator 3M
Sweety Mahato Animator Alston
T.Dileep Graphic Designer Hermes
D.Akshay Kambar Web Designer Cognizant
R.Vandya Hiremath Graphic Designer Bend
G.Chinmaya Graphic Designer Accenture
Chandraharan Animator 3M
Angurhuman Cartoonist Balcoon
Padmini.S Layout Artist Dash Animation
Surya.K Animation Coursera
D.Narayan Game Audi Engineer Busibud Solutions Pvt Ltd.
B.Seema Game Programmer Neefamix
Sayan Game Artist Microsoft
M.S Shaym Creative Game Designer Fisav India Pvt Ltd
Kritika.L QA Game Tester Moonraft Innovation Labs
G.Vaishali Game System Designer Sivlin Software Service Pvt. Ltd.
Tarun.V Technical Designers Multi Recruit
Asha.S User Interface Designer Superset
Vikrant.R Creative Director Rolls Royee
S.Shardha Content Designer Tata Group
T.Ankit 3D Modeling Varite India Pvt. Ltd
A.Rishab Digital Painting Node Technologies
Siddharth.K Game Development Wizely
N.Vidhi Visual Effect Healthifyme
Samhita.B Chief Information Officer Trendence Analysties Solution Pvt. Ltd
S.Anurag Computer Programmer Game Berry Labs
U.Monisha IT Manager Lenskart
Riya IT Project Manager Bosch Group
V.Santosh IT Security Specialist IBM
C.Vanshika Network Administrator Tredence
R.Ramya Network Architect Affariral
Jayesh Web Developer Amazon Web Services
Nitushree Roboties Engineer BICSom
S.Gurucharan User Interface Developer Dream & Magic Media
Lokesh.T Game System Designer Edrouka
A.Girish Game Artist Multi Recruit
Gopal.K Creative Game Designer Superset
A.Pankaj QA Game Tester Rolls Royee
J.Sanjay Game System Designer Tata Group
Diya.R Technical Designers Varite India Pvt. Ltd
G.Pallavi User Interface Designer Node Technologies
J.Prachi Desai Creative Director Wizely
M.Deeksha Content Designer Healthifyme
Aditya Patel 3 D Modeling Trendence Analysties Solution Pvt Ltd
S.Vanishree Visual Effect Game Berry Labs
V.Varun Chief Information Officer Coursera
H.Arpitha Computer Programmer Busibud Solutions Pvt Ltd
Vishnu IT Manager Neefamix
R.Tanvi IT Project Manager Microsoft
Sudarshan Pandey Graphic Designer PRADA
Vargees.G Animator Animation Galaxy
Vinod.B Animator Dash Animation Studio
R.N.Ranjitha Animator TOEI Animation
M.Dixit Sudok Animator Techicolor
N.Mukesh Animator Animation
P.Sarvana Graphic Designer Animation[Picture Company]
R.Shubham Graphic Designer Animation[Animation Studio]
A.Swarna Mitra Animator Alstom
S.Vibha Animator LIBISOFT
S.Sumikha 3D Modeler Cognizant
Diganth.L Animator Ogilvy & Marther
P.Abhinav Cartoonist Kenzo
R.Pavan Malnad Animation Director BNP PARIBAS
J.Veerandher Gupta 3D Visualizer PRADA
Sukdeep Design Engineer GUESS
K.Sanvi 3D Modeler Miracle Services
Gupta Animator Perfect Interior Design
M.Kurum Site Supervisor Gap INC
S.Pooja Karanth Supervisor Optimistic Designs
C.R Shiv Kumar Gour Animator Kenzo
Sweety Mahato Animator Alston
Dileep.P Graphic Designer Hermes
M.G Akshay Kambar Web Designer Cognizant
B.Vandya Hiremath Graphic Designer Bend
R.Chinmaya Graphic Designer Accenture
Chandraharan.N Animator 3M
Angurhuman Cartoonist Balcoon
C.Padmini Layout Artist Dash Animation
K.Chahna Video Editor CGM Media
I.Akash Domestic Art Advertiser ShowTime
V.Abhaya Animator Groove
Reena.S Animator 3M
Ankit.S 3D Modler Big Wing
Chaitra Irani Retail Designer Allen solly
R.Nanda kishore Ligithing Designer ShowTime
Rohini Pradhan Designer Media Craft
Bharat.R App Designer Ellipse Studios
Harish Junior Interior Designer Veva
H.Alekhya Interior Designer LGM Interiors
Bishali Interior Designer Monrow
R.Bavana Site Superior URBAN Interior
A.Divya Site Superior Zone[Interior & Exterior]
Gareema Proprietor Interior Architects
Haritha Proprietor Bridges Interior
Ramesh.H Project Head ACE Interior
S.Vidyadhar Site Supervisor Gap INC
P.Mrigesh Interior Designer Urban Interiors
Vikram Rout Interior Designer LGM Interiors
Hema Choudry Interior Designer RATHY
Nishanth.S Site Superior URBAN Interior
Dinesh.V Site Superior Zone[Interior & Exterior]
P.Keerthy Reddy Proprietor Interior Architects
Kurthikan Own Company Bridges Interior
Sreemantha.Rs Project Head ACE Interior
S.Swaminathan Interior Designer Miracle Services
K.Pavithra Vartar Interior Designer Urban Interiors
Bishali Gupta Interior Decorator Mad Design
Divya Display Designer Urban Interior
Gayathri.K Interior Decorator Anne & Co
C.Mukti Texturing Artist HCL
Triguna Mehta Interior Decorator Shree Events & Ventures
Swaroop Mukherjee Furniture Designer Jangid Designs
S.Dhara Exhibition Designer Anne & Co
Bhumika.L Interior Decorator David Phoneix
C.Chitra Deepak Fashion Designer Fashion Design Studio
A.Daya Gopal Fashion Designer Shashi Exports
G.Panchakshari Fashion Designer Fashion Design Studio
Sumana.R Apparel/Fashion Desinger Cotton blossom IND PVT.LTD
T.Ashlesha Assistant Fashion Designer RAKHIS Fashion
G.Venu Gopal Fashion Designer Mra Trading.Pvt.Ltd
N.Manikant Fashion Stylist UBQ
H.Akul Fashion Designer Ray Boutique
T.Sindhu Vasista Fashion Designer JRS Consultancy
S.Monvi Agarwal Fashion Designer Rose Creations
R.Mahesh Fashion Designer Silkam
Anupama Kiragh Fashion Designer JRS Consultancy
Sheshu Narayan Fashion Designer Sakariya synthetic.Pvt.Ltd
Jilani.P Fashion Designer Golden Orchid
Rishika.S Jewllery Designer Parada
Debankana Jewllery Designer Swarovsk
H.Ram kumar Fashion Photographer Sikam
R.Vidyadhar Event Manager Viacom
S.Jeevitha Fashion illustrator Nihal Fashions
K.Mrigesh Stylist Golden Orchid
Subramanya.M Fashion Cartoonist Showtime
Arivali Nagendran Fashion Designer Monrow
Ananya.P Garment technologist Spykar
G.Palguni Jewllery Designer Swarovsk
P.Arpan Singh Fashionist Arvind
Pooja G UI / UX Designer LIVAAH
Muktha S UX Designer Coursera
Praveen.R UI Designer Busibud Solutions Pvt. Ltd
R.Akansha Visual Designer Neefamix
P.Manohar Interaction Designer Microsoft
A.Ravi Prakash Motion Designer Fisav India Pvt. Ltd
B.Maria UX Researcher Moonraft Innovation Labs
C.Sindhu UX Specialist Sivlin Software Service Pvt. Ltd
Rohith.H UX Engineer Multi Recruit
V.Nithin UX Writer Superset
K.Seema Principal UX Designer Rolls Royee
Aman.R UX Director Tata Group
P.Arjun Advance UX Position Varite India Pvt. Ltd
Lalita.M UI Cordination Wizely
S.Anamika UI/UX Developer or Designer Healthifyme
V.Sankhya Krishna Interaction Director Trendence Analystie Solution Pvt Ltd
J.Karan Motion Designer Game Berry Labs
Prashanth.P UX Researcher Lenskart
Shashank.S UX Specialist Bosch Group
C.P.Neha UX Designer IBM
K.Vinayasree UX Writer Tredence
Shubham.V Principal UX Designer Affairiral
S.Abhineet UX Director Amazon Web Services
Arushi.L Advance UX Position BICSom
P.Shruthi Interacton Designer Dream & Magic Media
P.Sudhir Motion Designer Edrouka
R.Jeslyn Advance UX Position Fisav India Pvt Ltd
J.Marikar Creative Director Moonraft Innovation Labs
G.Bindhu UI Coordination Sivlin Software Service Pvt Ltd
Archana.A UI/UX Developer or designer Multi Recruit
N.Jhanavi Interaction Designer Superset
Karthi.P Motion Designer Rolls Royee
R.Adarsh UX Researcher Tata Group
G.Anjali UX Specialist Varite India Pvt Ltd
M.Kunal UI/UX Developer or Designer Node Technologies
S.Nikhil Interaction Designer Wizely
U.G.Krishna Prasad Motion Designer Healthifyme
N.Tejas UX Researcher Multi Recruit
Renuka.S UX Specialist Superset
M.A.Anil UX Engineer Rolls Royee
Amogh Radio Stations Sony India Software Centre
Charan TV Channels Space Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Akash Studios Sound Design Sound
Karunya Multimedia Design Harman International
Sachin Advertising Firms Isha Foundation
Jayanth Studio Engineer E Hireo Global Solution
Harish Music Composer Audio AI/MI Engineer
Khushi Music Arrange Bosch Group NVIDIA
Chirag Film Sound Designer Quaicomm
Nagesh Mixing Engineer for Film & Music Aero Acoustic Engineer
Venkatesh Music Arranger Avils Infro Pvt Ltd
Geetha Music Producer Amazon
Jai Kumar Radio Sound Engineer Quaicomm
Meghana Audio for Digital Application Developers AV Consultant
Manjunath Preproduction Techniques Path Partner Technology
Tejaswini Recording, Editing, Mixing Mastering Acoustic Design Engineer
Naveen Sampling & Using MIDI for Music Production Apply Cup Hiring Solutions
Ravindra Sound Synthesis Amazon
Prajwal Software Testing Spacebot Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Darshan Surround Sound Masters Saavn
Manish Preamps Saavn
Amruth Analog Consoles Ealamium Resource Pvt Ltd
Sahana Associate Audio Engineer Q. Com
Gowtham Studio Engineer Luma Sonic Tech Rental Pvt Ltd
Kiran Sound Recordist Urban Pro Com
Mohith Music Composer Groovy Sounds
Santosh Music Arrange Bay Owl Studios
Abhilash Film Sound Designer Apply Cup Hiring Solution LLP
Balaji Mixing Engineer for Film & Music Harman International
Sinchan Music Arranger Isha Foundation
Kumar Music Producer Sound Engineer Event Organizer
Sharath Radio Stations E Hireo Global Solution
Hitesh TV Channels Audio AI/MI Engineer
Krithi Studios Bosch Group NVIDIA
Harshith Multimedia Design Quaicomm
Kishore Preproduction Techniques Acoustic Design Engineer
Preetam Recording, Editing, Mixing Mastering Apply Cup Hiring Solutions
Vijith Sampling & Using MIDI for Music Production Amazon
Pankaj Analog Consoles Bay Owl Studios
Naveen Landscape Architect Collective Project
Shruthi Product Designer Blackbox Design Studio
Rajesh Commercial Architect Moriq
Varun Building Surveyor Desapex
Krithi Interior & Spatial Designer ADND
Fahad Residential Architect KSM Architect
Rashmi Urban Designer Made In Earth
Preethi Interior Architect ZAS Architects + Interior
Roshan Structural Engineer GRCA
Kajol Landscape Architect Collective Project
Yashwanth Product Designer Studio AAKAR
Supreetha Naval Architect Cochin Shipyard
Praveen Residential Architect The White Room
Chitra Landscape Architect Architecture BRIO
Pranav Town Planner Sankalp Architects
Diksha Building Surveyor Evolve
Uday Architectural Technologist Ewing Cole
Rohit Interior & Spatial Designer F + S Design
Kishore Product Designer Elura Design
Akash Commercial Architect Made in Earth
Kavana Restoration Architect Swan Design & Architects
Sanjana Urban Planner Morphogenesis
Anada Urban Designer SDC
Varsha Structural Engineer Anagram Architects
Srujan Residential Architect Moriq
Sanjay Commercial Architect CSV Architects
Soujanya Lighting Architect Light Space
Tanmaya Interior Architect Abin Design Studio
Vigesh Historic Building Inspector Sfurna Design
Chanchal Residential Architect KPMB
Radika Interior & Spatial Designer VDGA
Namitha Research Architect Opolis
Harshith Structural Engineer Solares Architechture
Gowri Landscape Architect The Purple Ink Studio
Pooja Interior Architect KPMB
Kishore Preproduction Techniques Acoustic Design Engineer
Prathibha Interior & Spatial Designer Hariri Pontarini
Ranjit Residential Architect JDAP Design
Rishab Product Designer AECOM
Nithesh Architectural Technologist Sfurna Design
Ranjana Commercial Architect Made In Earth
Suman Animator MPC Bangalore
Prerana Compositor Disney
Pankaj Software Developer Makuta VFX
Sneha Rotto Artist BOTVFX
Tejas Effects Technical Director Showtime
Monika VFX Producer Mist VFX
Sahana Lightning Artist ReDefine
Hemalatha Production Coordinator Omniscale Media
Dishvi Accessory Designer Omniscale Media
Pushpa VFX Supervisor Makuta VFX
Sanket Rigging Technical Director DQ Entertainment
Lekha Match Mover Artist Xentrix Studios
Chandru Production Manager BBC
Subash Texture Artist Prana Studio
Kabir Animator Disney
Anusha VFX Producer Red Chillies
Prashanth Layout Artist MPC Bangalore
Remi Computer Graphic Supervisor Groove
Mohammed Modeling Artist Blue Heaven
Sumit Compositing Supervisor Futureworks
Jyothi Previsualization Artist TATA Elxsi
Nivedh Compositor Ellipse VFX Studio
Anushka Software Developer Cinemax
Koushik Prep Artist ReDefine
Manjunath VFX Editor Omniscale Media
Shabana Creative Technical Director Pixstone Images
Irshad Production Designer Show time
Manoj Look Development Artist CGM Media
Punya Texture Artist Firefly Creative Studio
Kishan Match Mover Artist BOTVFX
Promod Concept Artist The New York Times
Abhishek VFX Editor Disney
Banu Priya Environment Artist Pixstone Images
Irfan Data Capture Technician MPC Bangalore
Dhanush Animator Futureworks
Balu Matte Painter Technicolor India
Ganesh VFX Producer Groove
Govind Compositor BBC
Harish Layout Artist Spellbound VFX
Harini Lighting Artist Reliance Mediaworks
Jagadeesh Art/Design Director BBC
Kavya Design Education TIS India
Kiran Illustrator Futureworks
Mahesh Advertiser Ogilvy & Mather
Sagar Video Editor Omniscale Media
Sahana Photo journalist Myntra
Sanjay Graphic Designer KID
Shivkumar Commercial Artist Groove
Tejas Web/App Designer Netgain
Ullas Visual Designer Honeycomb
Vijaylakshmi Video Editor Reliance Mediaworks
Pushpalatha Game Developer & Designer StudioTale
Arun Art/Design Director Disney
Yogesh Photo journalist NetConnect Global
Adarsh Design Education Pixstone Images
Akaash Video Editor Ellipse VFX Studio
Ragunath Art/Design Director BBC
Parmar Web/App Designer Cyberwox
Sonu Illustrator MPC Bangalore
Ananya Visual Designer Studio Fifi
Arati Communications Manager JWT
Basant Graphic Designer Mini Digital
Chirag Advertiser Westin Hostel & Resort
Dhananjay Photo Journalist Harts India
Sunil Video Editor Futureworks
John Game Developer & Designer Multia
Max Web/App Designer Webisdom
Jayesh Graphic Designer Webisdom
Santosh Visual Designer Spellbound VFX
Keshav Design Education Reliance Mediaworks
Karen Illustrator Prana Studio
Catherine Communication Manager Maddison Communication
Caroline Photo Journalist Crazy Fox Creations
Kalpana Visual Designer Groove
Divya Commercial Artist Lowe Lintas
Deepthi Web/App Designer 9DZine
Meena Game Developer & Designer Ascent Web Portal
Neena Advertiser Group M Media
Veena Video Editor Futureworks
Rubina Graphic Designer V Brand Developers
Mobina Art Director Times Now
Rebecca Reporters Aaj Tak
Bela TV Correspondent CNBC Awaaz
Malathy Researcher Zee News
Kavya Script Writer India Today
Karen Investigative Journalism Times Now
Dolly Feature Writer NDTV India
Ami Event Manager Times Internet
Anu Correspondent Reporter Zee News
Radhika Leader Writer Republic
Annie Reporter India Today
Alexa Proof Reader ABP News
Sabrina Presenter News 18 India
Martina Radio Jockey (RJ) Red Mirchi
Sejal D Critic Network 18
Sumathi Art Director Inc42
Sukanya Communalist International Data Group
Kanchana TV Correspondent ETV Network
Kajal Broadcast Reporter The Indian News Express
Raju Reporter ET Now
Mamatha Event Manager The Telegraph
Rekha Investigative Journalism TV Today Network
Steve Electronic Media Reporter Deccan Chronicle
Nicholas Script Writer Analytics India Magazine
Neha Public Relations Manager BBC
Spoorthi Researcher HT Media
Vaijanti TV Correspondent ABP
Vijaya Leader Writer Outlook Publishing
Kavitha D'Souza Proof Reader The Hindu
Katrina R Reporter India TV
Paul Social Media Specialist iMetrix Solution
Sundar Art Director Republic
Mudassir Cartoonist Zee Media Corporation
Siddique Radio Jockey (RJ) Red FM
Ching Director of Photography The Economic Times
Vanitha Critic The Pioneer
Jyotsna Reporter India News
Shalini Investigative Journalism Hindustan Times
Shyla TV Correspondent ABC
Jayashree Event Manager Malyala Manoram
Salma Photo Journalism Andromeda Production
Prabha Pet Photographer Bhavani Studio
Nayana Social Photographer Candid Shutter
Praneeta Landscape Photographer Collective Project
Supriya Fashion Photographer Filmapia India
Varsha Sports Photographer Star Sports
Moushami Portrait Photographer Tortuga
Reema Aerial Photographer Alstom
Kiran Wildlife Photographer Candid Shutter
Dhanlakshmi Event Photographer My Memory Maker
Rashmi Travel Photographer Yatra
Lakshmi Wedding Photographer Weva
Monica Portrait Photographer Leading Edge Designer
Sony Wildlife Photographer Kriyaatmak
Sandra Abstract Photographer KD Studio
Cindrella Concert Photographer My Memory Maker
Anitha Architectural Photographer TakenIn
Lata Landscape Photographer Global Photo Edit
Fathima Documentary Photographer Andromeda Production
Alleafear Photo Journalism THP Studio
Firoza Wedding Photographer Paegantary Studio
Jennifer Portrait Photographer SA Digital Films
Kezia Wedding Photographer Yash Studio
Meenakshi Aerial Photographer Studio52 Art
Vidya Food Photographer Gobble
Prathibha Glamour Photographer SA Digital Films
Prasanna Product Photographer Flipkart
Sameer Fine Art Photographer Artriva Studio
Rashi Wedding Photographer Weva
Roohi Begum Event/Concert Photographer TBT
Naziya Begum Wildlife Photographer National Wildlife
Soniya Photo Journalism FK Media & Production
Dhaara Portrait Photographer KD Studio
Smitha Wedding Photographer Candid Shutter
Parvathi Advertising Photographer Studio52 Art
Nadiya Landscape Photographer Architecture BRIO
Roopam Adventure Photographer Water Kingdom
Elizabeth Aerial Photographer Alstom
Salma Fashion Photographer SA Digital Films
Nirmala Still Life Photographer Vortix Design
Athulya R Graphic Designer Filmbaker
Manoranjan Visual Designer Ensemble
Yadav User Researcher Quick Radius
Bernard Flash Designer Bonito
Pravin UX Developer Vervelogic
Pramod Back-end Developer Litmus Branding
Abhishek Logo Designer Bonito
Dariya UI Developer Vervelogic
Vijay Product Designer Multia
Kavita S Frontend Developer Communication Craft
Munawar Web Marketing Analyst Perkins + Will
Barkha Multimedia Designer StudioTale
Farzana Creative Director Ambiance
Beena Production Artist CrazyHead Solution
Snehal Layout Artist Spellbound VFX
Mihir Visual Designer Interior Architects
Chaulla Art Director Universal Deisgnovation Lab
Jyothi Back-end Developer Websidom
Amrita Flash Designer Sigzen Technologies
Isha Product Designer StudioFifi
Dhruti Logo Designer Ensemble
Vandana Web Application Developer Perkins+Will
Xarina Multimedia Artist Ostrya
Kareena Marketing Specialist Power
Murali Art Director Bonito
Bashir Photoshop Artist Interior Architects
Priyanka UI Developer Tata Group
Roshni Senior Web Analyst Mind Digital
Rahila Web Application Developer Zero Design
Rahul User Researcher Detecvision
Sachin Front-end Developer India TV
Tejash Brand Identity Designer Multia
Gaurav Visual Designer 9-Series
Bandish Product Designer Ensemble
Anil Multimedia Animator Bosch
Anand Web Marketing Analyst Power
Ananya Back-end Developer TIS India
Shantha UX Developer Netgains
Mary Layout Artist Ambiance
Suhaan Layout Artist Ostrya
Ruby Drama Teacher IT Pool Instructor Speech
Gopal Online Acting Instructor K12 Techno Services Pvt. Ltd
Abhay Acting Instructor Siff Young Artisite
Imran Performing Art Director Broad Caster Doephexus
Irfan Media & Public Relations Teaching Artist Nalanda Way Foundation
Nadeem Librarian/Arhirisist Faculty Fine Art Performing Arts
Neha Aslam Sherif Digital Marketing Executive FTV School of Performing Ats
Aslam Sherif Faculty Fine Art/Performing Arts Digital Marketing Executive FTV School of Performing Arts
Dev Teaching Artist Social Media Marketing Intern Sensatonz Performing Art
Soumya Junior Performing Art Assistant National Centre for the Performing Arts
Preeti Director Art Social Media Marketing Intern Sensationz Performing Art
Prasadini Producer IMT Schools for Advance Studies Pucee
Asha Stage Manager University of OSIO
Nisha Art Lead Aallo University
Harsha Digital Creative Director Art Max Markek Society
Monaz Senior Controller Art Manager Serea Hunter Programma Ship
Sonakshi Creative Director Art California Institute of the Art
Jhanvi Associate Art & Graphics Vale University School of Arts
Kavitha Play Writer School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Sneha Theater Lightning Design Ucla School of the Arts & Architecture
Deepthi Sound Design Ve Varts
Vaishnavi Fight Director Maryland Institute College of Arts
Akash Theater Director Savannah College of Art & Design
Satwinder Aka Fight Choreographer Bard College
Sukhwinder Front of Hourse Theatre Careers Carnegie Melton University School of Art
Faustina Marketing Manager University School of the Art
Maria Marketing Assistant Cranbrook Academy of Art
Anita Dramtheraprist Social Media Marketing Intern Sensatonz Performing Art
Vaishali Art Facilitator VE Varts
Bhavana Art Lead Serea Hunter Programma Ship
Dipali Digital Creatie Director Art School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Poonam Senior Art Director Maz Markek Society
Geeta Assistant or Associate Professor Arts Serea Hunter Programma Ship
Mayola Ventriloguist Ucla School of the Arts & Architecture
Naveen Comedian K12 Techno Services Pvt. Ltd
Charlie Screen Writer K12 Techno Services Pvt. Ltd
Gangesh Theater Stage Manager Rajashree Productions
Raju Professional Dancer T-Series
Deepak Musician Vale University of Arts
Rudra Playback Singer Social Media Marketing Intern Sensatonz Performing Art
Pavithra S Editor S TV
Ramanesh S Editor S TV
Kurum Site Supervisor Gap INC
Pooja Karanth Supervisor Optimistic Designs
Akshay Kambar Web Designer Cognizant
Bhagya Hotel manager PARLE-G PVT LTD Companies
Sumanth Software publisher Parametric technology india pvt ltd
Pavitra Software developer Naviya
Vinay Database administrator Bosch group
Hemanth Database administrator Fidelity investment
Jeevith Food & Beverage Manager Nestle
Keerthi Sales executive Masalabox Food Network Pvt Ltd
Bothana Database administrator Samsung R&D Institute
Yash Human Resource Axis India
Affrin Housekeeping manager Hyaft
Abhay Event manager Shree events &ventures pvt ltd
Uditha Database administrator Shree events &ventures pvt ltd
Minchu kumari Product executive Masala box
Bhuvan Finance consultant Mulesoft conultant
Rohini Food & Beverage Manager LINK LIFE INTERNATION LLP-Bangalore
Hanvith Audit Assistant HI TECH
vipanchi Audit Assistant Vistanta Consulting Private Ltd
Nishanth Financial Controller CRPL India
Sanjan Assistant Manager House Keeping Westin Hostel & Resort
Tarun Account Assistance Bluecross marketing pvt ltd
Rohith Account assistance Hotel presidency
Revanth Event Manager INFERNO Event Management
Mithun Digital mareketing executive PARLE-G PVT LTD Companies
Koushik Operation Manager Parametric technology india pvt ltd
Alisa Marketing Manager Naviya
Avinash Human Resource Bosch group
Yashaswini Human Resource Fidelity investment
Chaitra Operation Manager Nestle
Anusha General manager operation Masalabox Food Network Pvt Ltd
Manoj Financial planner Samsung R&D Institute
Kishore Financial planner Axis India
Amit Financial planner Hyaft
Jatin Private banker Shree events &ventures pvt ltd
Lithikasha Operation Manager Shree events &ventures pvt ltd
Ansonthoji Deputy Manager Masala box
Vinod Partner Marketing Manager Mulesoft conultant
Yogesh Partner Marketing Manager LINK LIFE INTERNATION LLP-Bangalore
Partha Relationship Manager HI TECH
Pruthiv Sales Executive Vistanta Consulting Private Ltd
Yamuna Pattern maker CRPL India
Maya Retail Director Westin Hostel & Resort
Ajay Proprietor Bluecross marketing pvt ltd
Thushar Production coordinator Omni Scale Media
Bhavana Cabin Maintainer Marriott
Gareema Web Designer Anjana Media
Prajit Administartor Marriott
Imtiaz Software Developer Accenture
Kishore Audit Assistant Hi Tech
Vasudha Marketing manager Mulesoft
Saritha Event Planner Hyaft
Mallika Web Designer Looksmith
Suchetha 3D Artist Nihal Fashions
Jeevan Reporter TV 18 Group
Anuva Koppla Frontend Operator Marroitt
Yadunath Cabin Maintainer Indi Go
Samir Jaisimha Web Designer Cerium Visual Effects
Nathan Event Planner Hyaft
Patralika Web Developer Flipkart
Brijmohan Sen Cargo Assistant QATAR
Indushree Airport Customer Service Air Asia
Rahul Tools Programmer Bethesda Game Studio
Dhanvith Story writer Photo pluse Production
Atul Content Developer Media Craft
Rajan Rathod Screen writer News 18
Chimay chandra Photo journalist Mediaset
Dakshit Krishna Editor TI Publication Group
Sourabh Safety Officer Taj
Akash Domestic Art Advertiser ShowTime
Vihan Event Manager Mediaset
Dhanvi Retail Manager Voos
Shayan Web Designer Adobe
Niran Flight Analyst Spice Jet
Gaurav TV Correspondent ABP News
Balwanth Security Screener Air Asia
Rajiv Correspondent TV 18 Group
Ipsitha RJ Showtime
Ranjit Flight Safety ERP Marroitt
Usha Transitor Indi Go

Proper recruitment is essential to any student’s future and growth. At IIFA, we specialize in acquiring talent catering to any company’s requirement across industries and nations.

Proper placement assistance is given to all the students during their course duration. We collaborate with the top international companies for placement recruitment and conduct campus interviews. Based on the performance student get offer letter from the much coveted and prestigious companies even before they appear to the final exam. We make efforts to train all the students and organize technical seminars, workshops and placement training sessions.

Students are also given an opportunity for International jobs through IIFA’s international placement cell. Our placement team is regularly trained based on the latest recruitment process and also given an international exposure to train the student in a better way. Students who is having the willingness to learn and who are looking for a progressive career are always welcome to join IIFA.

International Placement Cell- Its career. Not just another job

LANCASTER international placement cell the right balance of learning and leadership opportunities in a vibrant environment. We value our resources and invest in their growth and personal development. Our team is regularly trained in the latest recruitment processes and is given international exposure. Students having the willingness to learn and who are looking for a progressive career, we are the right choice for you.

Animation Company we have tied up for Placements.

Interior Designing Company we have tied up for Placements.

Fashion Designing Company we have tied up for Placements.


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