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B.Sc In Game Designing & Development


B. Sc Game Designing and Development is a three-year graduate programme. The course focuses on the art and design of computer games and animation where students will concentrate on specific needs as a professional game artist, designer, developer, and animator. The course helps in computer science, including writing computer programs in the core languages such as C and C++, with a solid grounding in the humanities, social sciences, and fundamentals of art. This program exposes students to a variety of tools and processes used by professional designers, including proprietary scripting languages, level and map editors, databases, and design documents. A bachelor’s degree in game design or animation can teach students the basics of game programs, animation programs, 3-D modeling, and graphic design skills. Courses in this program offer a strong foundation in digital game design through the study of subjects such as storytelling, storyboarding, game development, 3D modeling and animation, game programming, and game prototyping.

Bachelor of Science in Game Designing and Development Eligibility

B. Sc in Game Designing & Development course description

IIFA offers 3-year full-time course B. Sc in Game Designing and Development

The course has 6 semesters where the student gets introduced to the world of Game Designing with concepts of drawing

Offering a unique and comprehensive Bharathiar University degree syllabus and prepares a student for the fundamentals which is essentially required in today’s industry.

This well-blended syllabus in combination with communications and self-development classes makes IIFA students a preferred choice among leading studios and entertainment companies.


Semester 1 - Basic Animation

1. Introduction To The Game

2. Photoshop & Flash

3. Game Analysis Centipede

Semester 2 - Game Scripting & Coding

1. Game Programming Language

2. Source Code Program

3. C > Game & Graphic Code

Semester 3 - Game Visualization

1. Game Idea: Visualization & Story Telling

2. Game Analysis: Tetris

3. Essence Of Game 1

4. Game Analysis: Loom

5. Essence Of Game 2

6. Game Development & Documentation

7. Game Design Documents

8. Character Designing

9. Flash Based Game Designing

Semester 4 - Character Make

1. Modeling, Texturing & Lighting Games

2. Game Lord

3. Rigging & Animation For Games

4. FX For Games

5. Game Analysis: The Sims

6. Sound For Games

Semester 5 - Game Planning

1. Theft Auto III

2. Game Interface Designing

3. Rigging & Animation For Games

4. FX For Games

5. Game Analysis: The Sims

6. Sound For Games

Semester 6



Bachelor of Science Game Designing and Development Course Suitability

The course is suitable to teach students about the planning, modeling, Texturing, lighting, effects creation, and interface design that go into creating today’s most advanced and stunning video games. Students will produce a complete medium size project together with a documentation report whereby the project will be presented to a project evaluation committee at the program level.

How is Bachelor of Science in Game Designing, and Development Beneficial?

The course is beneficial for students to explore drawing as a process of seeing, developing technical skills, and engaging in the use of drawing media as materials for communication. Students will learn how to identify, create and manipulate core game elements such as game philosophy, design process, player objectives, rule systems and the human elements in a game.

Employment Area / Job Type

The program will be prepared to seek employment in the video game industry in a variety of entry and intermediate -level roles, including:

Game Designer

Gameplay Programmer

Level Scripter

Level Designer

Experience Designer

Tools Programmer


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  • Right from my childhood I was passionate about video games and thanks to IIFA now I can build my own games and start a career of my choice.


  • I have never thought of getting this opportunity to study in this institute, thanks to my parents fr this opportunity to study in this beautiful institute

    Manjula Singh

  • Flexible schedule with very powerful equipment to work on. Good exposure for the students and utmost encouragement for artists who work hard. Eagerly responsive and caring management.

    Venkat Ram

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