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Latest Update:Campus Placement drive has been scheduled on 18,20,21,22,23 December 2023 from 10 AM onwards for B.Sc in Animation and Multimedia and B.Sc in Interior designing for final year Batch and Companies are Renderpub, BDiapers,Deluxe Entertainment Distribution India(P) Ltd. Students got placed with the following top companies like Deluxe Entertainment Pvt Ltd,K12,Renderpub,Animation Galaxy..Heartiest Congratulations! To all our BSC Students for successfully completing their graduation.

M.Sc In Game Designing, Development & Virtual Reality (Autonomous)


MSc Game Design & Development with VR is designed to build on students' existing computer programming skills, providing them with the knowledge and expertise to develop contemporary video games using a variety of advanced tools and platforms such as virtual reality. Industry context is an important aspect of this programme, and students can study game design topics that are applicable to working within the sector and to independent game creation, as well as familiarise themselves with research techniques that are appropriate for further postgraduate study. The course is informed by the work and research of academic staff who specialise in games, with a combination of industry experience and research backgrounds in relevant areas. Virtual reality (VR) is well known for teaching hard skills and offering realistic simulations, such as for airplane pilots or equipment maintenance.This environment provides a rich source of inputs and perspectives, as well as many opportunities for constructive and creative multidisciplinary interactions. Guest speakers from games companies and other related areas contribute to the Frontiers of Games Research module. This is designed to help students develop industry perspectives, and better prepare them for employment or further study

IIFA Multimedia developed the Master of Science (MSc) in Game Designing, Development, and Virtual Reality in order to provide students with advanced knowledge and practical abilities in game design & development combined with virtual reality,. The curriculum, which is affiliated with Mysore University, takes two years to finish and may include a mixture of coursework, research projects, and practical exercises. The course covers a wide range of game development and design-related topics, such as multiplayer game design, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and game mechanics. Students may also have the chance to concentrate on certain aspects of game design or production, like making video games for mobile devices, gaming consoles, or virtual reality

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DURATION:2 YEARS | Course Fee : INR 2,80,000 per year


Any candidate who has completed their PUC Or 10+2 n any field (Science, Business, Or Arts) is eligible to apply for Bachelor of Design UG Or Diploma. Graduates in same field are desired, although applicants from other fields are also welcome to enroll for PG-level courses. Regardless of their educational background or prior courses taken, Students from any field can enroll in IIFA's Designing Courses, as the Institution teaches each course starting from the fundamentals.


Program USPS

  1. Our game design curriculum emphasises game design, game production, and immersive gaming experiences.
  2. Our primary areas of application include purpose-driven games, motion design, and level design.
  3. Important technical specialties include creating game interfaces, creating game narratives, and creating games for various platforms
  4. A focus on project-based learning.
  5. Active industry contact through partnerships with businesses operating in the industry.
  6. Professional instructors from reputable businesses and universities.
  7. Students undergo numerous projects and hackathons to gain knowledge and prepare them market ready for jobs such as, AR-VR game developer, UX/UI Designer, Mixed reality artist, technical 3D artist, etc.
  8. VR specialization will equip students with the required skillset that may motivate them to create their own start-ups utilizing augmented and virtual reality.

Job Openings and Professional Growth for Master Degree in Gaming & VR

The Indian institute of film & Animation (IIFA) offers course that can give you the knowledge and skills you need to pursue a prosperous career in the industry. For graduates in this area, there are many job openings and career opportunities.
After earning Master’s degree at IIFA You can work as:

The Companies Hiring our students:

You will be qualified to pursue employment in the following fields once you have completed your Msc in Game Design & Development, VR courses:

  1. Video game development studios
  2. Virtual reality development studios
  3. Augmented reality development studios
  4. Education and training
  5. Advertising and marketing
  6. Military and Defense
  7. Healthcare
  8. Tourism and hospitality

Overall, this is a fantastic degree for those seeking to launch a lucrative career in the Game Design & VR industry.
What are the skills expected ?

  1. Content and systems design experience.
  2. Ability to work with a team.
  3. Ability to communicate with department heads/senior leadership.
  4. Problem-solving under pressure.
  5. Prototype, iterate, and polish gameplay/features/etc.
  6. IT skills (programming, video graphics and hardware).
  7. Problem-solving aptitude
  8. Time management skills
  9. Communication skills
  10. 3D Modelling.
  11. Experience in CAD (computer-aided design), VR operation tools, and DSLR 2D images and videos.
  12. Proficiency in creating VR content with the available resources.
  13. Exposure to digitalization trends.
  14. Knowledge of various device specifications and hardware.

Admission Procedure:

Interested in MSc in course? In that case, we have the ideal chance for you! Download the application form from the website, for the course & complete the application and mail it, along with your information, to admissions after completing and submitting the application, candidates must pay the entrance exam fee and sit for an aptitude-based entrance exam for the animation course. Applicants can register and pay the admission cost after passing the exam. Simply click the link below , and let's move forward with opening up this thrilling new chapter together.


The Msc In Game Designing, Development & Virtual Reality course is ideal for aspiring Interior designers who want to stand out with their creations. Enrolling will give you the chance to sharpen your creative, critical, and divergent thinking abilities and to gain priceless knowledge about both past and present design trends from around the globe as well as to stay current with new Designs. Innovators of all stripes can create truly inspired solutions using this combination of conventional wisdom and contemporary thought.
The 2-year Msc In Game Designing, Development & Virtual Reality Program will prepare you for a world of creative exploration. The fascinating fields of Game Design And VR, trend forecasting, and others will be explored by you. Discover essential components of Game Design And VR to leave your mark on the dynamic world of style as you take inspiration from them.

Msc In Game Designing, Development & Virtual Reality Course Content and Syllabus


  • Game development Process
  • Traditional Art
  • Game Design Challenges
  • Scripting & Programming
  • Visualisation (Theory & Practical)
  • Anatomy of Humans & Birds
  • Programming for Games (Theory & Practical)
  • Game Prototyping
  • Web Programming


  • 2D Game Art (Theory & Practical)
  • Game development using engine (Theory & Practical)
  • 3D game art( theory and practical)
  • Game development for web
  • Drawing and perspective
  • Java program language
  • Design in analysis of algorithms


  • Game development for mobile theory and practical
  • Modelling and texting (theory and practical)
  • AR and VR app development
  • Game development using engine theory and practical
  • Geo location and AR technology
  • Game psychology
  • Customization and development of AR apps


  • Animation for games( practical)
  • AR & VR app development
  • Emerging technology (practical)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • User interface design for VR apps
  • Level design
  • Research methodology
  • Interaction in VR application
  • Project work
  • Internship and viva

What makes IIFA the Best designing college in Bangalore?

There are several reasons why the Indian Institute of Film & Animation (IIFA) is regarded as Bangalore's best design college.
Here are a few key points:

Industry-Ready Curriculum: IIFA provides a well-designed curriculum that is aligned with the most recent industry trends and practises. This allows students to develop skills and knowledge that are relevant to current market demands, preparing them for employment.

Experienced Faculty: The IIFA faculty is made up of experienced professionals who have worked in the industry for many years. They bring their expertise and knowledge into the classroom, providing valuable insights and guidance to students.

Well Defined Infrastructures: IIFA's facilities are modern and well-equipped, with large classrooms, design labs, computer labs, libraries, and other amenities. These facilities provide students with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Industry Collaborations: The IIFA has formed alliances with several leading companies in the fashion and design industries. These collaborations provide students with internships, placements, and exposure to real-world projects.

Student Support: IIFA provides excellent student support services such as counselling, mentoring, and career counselling. The faculty and staff are always ready to help and support students, ensuring their overall success.

International Expansion: The IIFA offers students the opportunity to participate in design competitions, study tours, and exchange programs. This exposes students to global design practises and trends, broadening their perspective and improving their skills.

Alumni Network: IIFA has a large alumni network, with graduates working in top design firms, fashion houses, and corporations all over the world. This network provides students with networking, mentorship, and job placement opportunities.

Assured Placements: IIFA has a dedicated placement cell that helps students find internships and jobs. The institute has a track record of excellent placements, with graduates working in top design related companies.

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