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Diploma In Animation


Minimum qualification – anyone above 16 years


Admission with direct walk in


16 & 18 Months


IIFA offers 16 months full-time course Diploma in Animation

The course has 3 semesters where the student gets introduced to the world of Multimedia with concepts of drawing

Offering a unique and comprehensive Bharathiar University degree syllabus and prepares a student from the fundamentals like 2D, 3D, Web, Graphics and Cinema 4D which is essentially required in today’s industry.

This well-blended syllabus in combination with communications and self-development classes make IIFA students a preferred choice among leading studios and entertainment companies.


Semester 1 Graphic Design

1. Photoshop

2. CorelDraw

3. Illustrator

4. Indesign

5. Projects

Semester 2 - 2D Animation

1. Basic Artwork

2. Anatomy Study

3. Storyboarding Concepts

4. Audio Video Editing

5. Flash 6. Projects

Semester 3 - 3D Animation

Introduction to Maya

1. Modeling

2. Texturing & Lighting

3. Rigging

4. Rendering

5. Dynamics

6. Animation, or Compositing & VFX.


3D Modeler

Texture Artist

Rigging Artist

Keyframe Animator

3D VFX Artist

Lighting Artist

Rendering Artist

Production Coordinator

Line Producer

Semester 1

Graphic Design

The objective of this semester is to introduce the students to the world of Animation with concepts of drawing. The journey comprises of various art, design and animation techniques and in further understanding the fundamentals of camera actions and movements. At the completion of this semester, a student can accomplish a short movie in traditional animation.

Semester 2

2D Animation

This semester makes students explore their traditional skills in terms of computers and helps understand the digital technology for animation. The student walks through a 2Dimensional Digital technique of creating the cartoon and realistic characters involving anatomy construction, the creation of environments and implementation of the principles involved in Animation.

Semester 3

3D Animation

Special Effects This semester evolves the student to the final outcome by exploring Dynamics and Special Effects in 3D, compiling the movie by editing, mixing and color grading. The final output comprises a 3D short animated film involving the different modules


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  • IIFA Multimedia College has been a great, life-changing experience. SO much to do and be a part of. I love how everyone at the IIFA College works hard not only to make you a better student; but to prepare us for the future. My experience at the IIFA has been unique, exciting, and I wouldn't trade it up for anything.

    Indu Jain

  • Taken admission in this institute for Diploma in Animation and course fee also reasonable I am going for daily classes The tutors are professional and friendly. I like their way of Teaching and I'm gratified with their training thank you IIFA.

    Anil Bhat

  • Good exposure for the students and utmost encouragement for artists who work hard. Eagerly responsive and caring management. Excellent student relation in the campus.


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