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BVA in Applied Arts/Graphic Design



This course will brief about the Graphic design in complex form and application of Symbols, signage, different forms of reproduction process and mediums. History of print medium and evolution of Graphic design I print medium. Graphic Design in digital medium and application of Graphic Design in Film and Animation introduction to Motion graphics.


IIFA offers 4-years and 8 semester full-time course BVA in Applied arts/Graphic design

This course will introduce basic information and process of communication in everyday life. Introduces Verbal, non –verbal, audio and visual communication in general. Historical understanding and evolution of communication methods and mediums.

This Course aims to provide knowledge in various communications prevailing in life and the role of Graphic Design in communication. Course provides introduction to Visual Communication in various contexts and explores the design strategy.

Introduces Graphic Design for contemporary communication process. Students work on simple assignments culminating in to a project.

COURSE DETAILS [Duration – 4 Years]

Semester 1

1. Language – I

2. Language – II

3. Story of Art –I

4. Visual Thinking

5. Fundamentals of Design : 2D & 3D

6. Fundamentals of Drawing - I

7. 2D & 3D Design Practice

8. Inter Design studies1

9. Constitution of India and Human Rights

10.Workshop / Project / Journal writing

Semester 2

1. Language – I

2. Language – II

3. Story of Art –II

4. Introduction to Visual cultures

5. Colour theory

6. Fundamentals of Drawing -II

7. Colour Composition

8. Inter Design studies- 2

9. Environment and Public Health

10.Workshop / Project / Journal writing

Semester 3

1. Language – I

2. Language – II

3. Theory of Graphic Design I

4. Graphic Design and Communication I

5. Drawing for Designers

6. Typography I

7. Advanced Digital Media

8. CC & EC – Workshop writing


Semester 4

1. Language – I

2. Language – II

3. Theory of Graphic Design 2

4. Graphic Design and Communication II

5. Drawing for Designers

6. Typography II

7. Advanced Digital Media

8. CC & EC - Workshop

Semester 5

1. Theory of Advertising Design I

2. Graphic Design for gaming

3. Graphic Design for Print Media

4. Advanced Illustration Technique

5. Core Elective I

6. Project Work

Semester -6

1. Theory of Advertising Design – II

2. Advertising Design & Media

3. Packaging Design and Printing Technology

4. Digital Illustration Technique

5. Core Elective

6. Project work

Semester 7

1. Theory of Advertising, Visual communication & media -1

2. Advertising Design Research Project- I

3. Interaction Design

4. Core Elective II

5. Elective III

6. Portfolio development

7. Internship / Project

Semester 8

1. Design and Business Management

2. Theory of Advertising, Visual communication & media –II

3. Advertising Design Major Research Project -I

4. Minor Research Project –II

5. Portfolio Development Final display and presentation of the Project


Apart from technical training & project work, IIFA prepares you for a career in the animation, VFX & gaming industry. We provide regular job and recruitment sessions to train our students for job interviews. We also provide assistance for Entrepreneurship Development.

95% students of IIFA received job placements in top companies across India, with many of them starting their careers with monthly salaries above Rs. 25,000.

Our Students were placed in the following companies.




Criya Infotainment



Prism and Pixels

White Lotus Studios

Varnam Creative Studios

Bode Animation


Storyboard and Concept Artist

Character Designer

Logo Designer

Web Designer

Layout and Matte Painting Artist

3D Character / Set Modeler

Texturing and Lighting Artist


2D and 3D Animator

Production Co-ordinator

Art Director




Technical Director

Script Writer

Setup Artist

Graphic Designer

Creative Director



Interior Designer

Architectural Designer

2D & 3D Game Designer


Movies and televisions

Advertisements and product demos

Interior designing

Architectural firms

Medical simulations

Educational institutions

Computer-based training and Web-based training

Computer / Mobile game development


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  • Im very proud to be one the student of this college. This is very nice institute. It helps me a lot to improve my creative ideas. So, you can build your career in an excellent way.

    Meena Vekariya

  • I am doing my bachelors in this college , and I have to say I am enjoying my self here so much. I could go all day talkin about it

    Thomas Sunain

  • The one thing about IIFA is that it always strives to give its student an edge in their career preparation. It is really up to the students themselves to take advantage of all the benefits and make their career dreams come true.

    Nidhi Verma

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