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B. Sc in Visual Communication


Program Overview

Visual communication in part or whole relies on vision and is primarily expressed with two-dimensional images. There are various visual aids. Some of the common forms of such visual aids are images, symbols and signs, films, typography, animation, electronic resources through which information and ideas can be transmitted. Visual communication is described as the conveyance of ideas and information in the forms that can be read. The course equips students with creative ideas by giving them an exposure to the drawing, 3-D design, photography skills, digital technology to design video games, web pages or edit films and we are the top best provider of B. Sc in Visual Communication course in Bangalore India.

B. Sc in Visual Communication course description

IIFA offers 3-year full-time course B.Sc in Visual Communication

The course has 6 semesters where the student gets introduced to the world of Visual Effects

The course includes the study of the basics of drawing, computer graphics, writing, photography, journalism, scriptwriting, art appreciation, media research, folklore, animation, and architecture.

The course covers a wide variety of sub-fields, including sketching, drawing, animation and multimedia advertising, writing, photography, film production, graphic designing, editing, video editing, and editing etc.


On completion of the course, students can choose from diverse employment opportunities in the industry such as News and Media Industry, Advertising Industry, Film Industry, Websites, Radio Stations, Colleges and universities, Gaming websites. Graduates are hired in capacities such as such, as a Graphic Artist, Event Manager, Desktop Publisher, Digital Photographer, Web Designer, Instructional Designer, Animator, Cartoonist, Production Assistant, Ad Photographer, Event Manager.

COURSE DETAILS [Duration – 3 Years]

I Semester

Human Connection

Visual Literacy

II Semester


Arts and Aesthetics

Elements of Film

Film Appreciation.

Radio Representation

III Semester

Advertising Basics

Graphic Design

Media, Culture, and Society


IV Semester

Script Writing

Advertising Creativity

Media Skills in Advertising

Visual Aesthetics

Acting Skills

V Semester

Visual Analysis

Communication Theories

Media Research Methods

Development Communication

Television Production

Professional Photography

Copy Writing

VI Semester


Study Paper



Media Presentation Skills

Media Management



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  • The one thing about IIFA is that it always strives to give its student an edge in their career preparation. It is really up to the students themselves to take advantage of all the benefits and make their career dreams come true.

    Nidhi Verma

  • The very first day of my college made me feel free of all my doubts ……..the campus is buzzing with absolute positive environment, sowing seeds of confidence, nurturing blooming ideas, giving wings to creativity.

    Rahul Joseph

  • IIFA Multimedia College has been a great, life-changing experience. SO much to do and be a part of. I love how everyone at the IIFA College works hard not only to make you a better student; but to prepare us for the future. My experience at the IIFA has been unique, exciting, and I wouldn't trade it up for anything.

    Indu Jain

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