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10th/ 12th from any recognized board




“Film making is a chance to live many lifetimes”. IIFA Multimedia, best Film making institute in Bangalore affiliated to BSS (Bharath Sevak Samaj) helps students to understand the entire film making process in a better way. Advanced Diploma in Film making is a one year academic program which gives students a hands-on experience by learning all the major film making disciplines including history of cinema, Fundamentals of Camera, Script writing, Digital film Editing, Direction, and cinematography. Students who want to pursue this course can choose any one specialization under Advanced Diploma in Film making. Film making cannot be learned just by having a theoretical knowledge. At IIFA, Students are given an exposure to gain more practical knowledge by directly experiencing the highly potential environment that the every aspiring film makers requires.


Module I

1. Film History

2. Image projection

3. Story Boarding & Ground Planning

4. Visual medium: Optical, Analog, Digital

5. Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production skills

6. Tools of Screenwriting- Character, Conflict & Structure

7. Imagination & Visualization

8. Visual sense: Frames, Rules of framing and composition

9. Types of shots & angles, Camera movements.

10.Production Design, Sound Design and handling Post-production

Module II

1. Depth of Field, Perspective.

2. Understand lighting & Composition.

3. Continuity of Space & Time

4. Pre production for Director: Charts, Shooting script, Shot division, Master shot, Insert

5. Casting and working with Actors

6. Vocabulary & Jargon used in the Film Industry

7. Casting and working with Actors

8. Production Design, Sound Design and handling Post-production

9. Documentary Films / Music-video / Ad-films

10.Insights about marketing, distribution & career development in Films and TV. Film Appreciation & Analysis.


Module III

1. Introduction of editing in films

2. Power of Editing. Role of a video editor

3. Idea of Continuity and Montage

4. Selection of a shot, Frame and Composition

5. Creative use of Transitions

6. Timing, Pace, Rhythm

7. Parallel action / Intercut

8. A lucid Cut, Rules of Editing, Breaking the Rules

Module IV

1. Creative use of sound. Sound editing

2. Handling Dialogue and Action

3. Creating Drama through cuts

4. Art of shaping a story through cuts

5. Suspense and Surprise factor

6. Understanding Negative, Video, Digital

7. Multi-camera set-up / Off-line and On-line Editing

8. Beat-cutting / Editing Song


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  • The one thing about IIFA is that it always strives to give its student an edge in their career preparation. It is really up to the students themselves to take advantage of all the benefits and make their career dreams come true.

    Nidhi Verma

  • The very first day of my college made me feel free of all my doubts ……..the campus is buzzing with absolute positive environment, sowing seeds of confidence, nurturing blooming ideas, giving wings to creativity.

    Rahul Joseph

  • IIFA Multimedia College has been a great, life-changing experience. SO much to do and be a part of. I love how everyone at the IIFA College works hard not only to make you a better student; but to prepare us for the future. My experience at the IIFA has been unique, exciting, and I wouldn't trade it up for anything.

    Indu Jain

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