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10th/ 12th from any recognized board




"Trade isn't about goods. Trade is about information. Goods sit in the warehouse until information moves them” Diploma in Logistics & Supply chain Management is a six month course offered by IIFA Multimedia affiliated to BSS (Bharath Sevak Samaj). The course offers a unique curriculum to understand the entire Logistics & Supply Chain Management process. Students learn the principles and concepts behind the logistics & supply chain including fundamentals of Logistics Industry like Warehouse, Inventory Management, Business Communication, flow of products and information, Managing supply chain strategies, transportation and distribution to the customers. Since, Logistics has become an important industry in the success of business in India, students are offered with internships to get the industrial experience while learning. Through IIFA’s International Placement cell students get better placement opportunities to play a different role in different sectors.

Module I

1. Logistics & the Supply Chain

2. Competing through logistics

3. Supply chain strategies

4. Setting customer service priorities

5. Value & Logistics Costs

6. Managing logistics internationally

Module II

1. Managing the lead time frontier

2. Just-In-Time & Lean thinking

3. Agile supply chain

4. Managing supply chain relationships

5. Partnerships in the supply chain

6. Logistics challenges of the future


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  • The one thing about IIFA is that it always strives to give its student an edge in their career preparation. It is really up to the students themselves to take advantage of all the benefits and make their career dreams come true.

    Nidhi Verma

  • The very first day of my college made me feel free of all my doubts ……..the campus is buzzing with absolute positive environment, sowing seeds of confidence, nurturing blooming ideas, giving wings to creativity.

    Rahul Joseph

  • IIFA Multimedia College has been a great, life-changing experience. SO much to do and be a part of. I love how everyone at the IIFA College works hard not only to make you a better student; but to prepare us for the future. My experience at the IIFA has been unique, exciting, and I wouldn't trade it up for anything.

    Indu Jain

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