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Minimum qualification – anyone above 16 years


Admission with direct walk in


30 Months


IIFA offers 30 months full time course Diploma in Animation Engineering.

The course has 5 semesters where the student gets introduced to the world of Multimedia with concepts of drawing and Editing

Offering a unique and comprehensive Bharathiar university degree syllabus and prepares a student from the fundamentals like 2D, 3D, Web, Graphic and Cinema 4D which is essentially required in today’s industry.

This well blended syllabus in combination with communications and self development classes make IIFA students a preferred choice among leading studios and entertainment companies.


Semester 1 - Animation Drawing & Design Fundamentals

1. Basic shapes & sketching techniques

2. Anatomy drawing

3. Body language & expressions

4. Light, colour & perspectives

5. Digital sketching

6. Animation concepts

7. Process of animation

8. Principles of animation

9. Timing for animation

10. Magic with Photoshop

11. Photographic techniques

12. Stop motion animation

Software Taught

Alias Sketchbook Pro 2

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended

Semester 2 - Animation Design & Pre-Production

1. Concept design, development & storytelling techniq

2. Scriptwriting for animation

3. Character design & development

4. Concept art & inspirational sketches

5. Acting & voice characterization

6. Visual scripting with film language

7. Storyboarding for animation

8. Storyboard to animatics

9. Basics of video editing

10. E-Project

Software Taught

Drawing & Adobe Photoshop CS4

Sound Forge 9

Adobe Premier Pro CS 4

Semester 3 - 2D Classical Animation Production

1. Concepts of 2D, Cel & limited animation

2. Keyframing, inbetweening & cleanups

3. Digital ink & paint

4. Animation scene planning

5. 2D animation post-production

6. Showreel development.

Software Taught

Toon Boom Studio 4

Macromedia Flash CS4 Professional

Semester 4 - 3D Animation Production Process

1. Clay modeling

2. Modeling with Maya

3. Advanced modeling

4. Texturing with Maya

5. Rigging with Maya

6. Character animation with Maya

7. Lighting & rendering with Maya

Software Taught

MAYA Unlimited 2009

Zbrush 3

Semester 5 - Post-Production & Animation Specialization

1. 3D dynamics – hair, fur & cloth

2. Concepts of visual effects

3. Introduction to Motion Capture for animation

4. Post-production for animation

5. Show-reel development – 3D Character Animation

Software Taught

MAYA Unlimited 2009

Motion Builder 7.5

Adobe Premier Pro CS4 & Combustion/ Final Cut Pro


3D Modeler

Texture Artist

Rigging Artist

Key frame Animator

3D VFX Artist

Lighting Artist

Rendering Artist

Production Coordinator

Line Producer


Semester 1

Animation Drawing & Design Fundamentals

This semester develops creativity & drawing skills for animation through study of design, anatomy, light & shade and perspectives, along with the study of Basic Animation Principles & timing for animation.

Semester 2

Animation Design & Pre-Production

This semester concentrates on various concepts, techniques & design for animation. Development of ideas into concepts, scriptwriting for animation, character designing, concept art, acting & voice characterization, visual scripting using film grammar, drawing storyboards and creating animatics - are all included. Students prepare an E-project which includes pre-production of an original concept of 30-60 seconds' duration.

Semester 3

2D Classical Animation Production

In this semester, students apply their knowledge of drawing & concentrate on 2D Classical Animation Production - drawing keyframes, in-betweening, clean-ups, line testing, digital ink & paint to 2D Digital Post-Production by adding dialogues, sound effects, background music & final editing.

Semester 4

3D Animation Production Process

This semester concentrates on the process of 3D animation production. Various aspects of 3D animation production are covered - including 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, character animation, lighting & final rendering.

Semester 5

Post-Production & Animation Specialization

This semester concentrates on post-production process in animation & allows students to effectively use the knowledge gained in the earlier semesters to develop a professional Show-reel with specialization in 3D Character Animation.


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  • IIFA Multimedia is a really great institute to pursue your education in Animation studies. The infrastructure is great, equipments and facilities provided are really top of its class. Teachers are really nice and best in the industry. It was a great descision for me to pursue my education at IIFA.

    Ajay Mathur

  • Im very proud to be one the student of this college. This is very nice institute. It helps me a lot to improve my creative ideas. So, you can build your career in an excellent way.

    Meena Vekariya

  • Taken admission in this institute for Diploma in Animation and course fee also reasonable I am going for daily classes The tutors are professional and friendly. I like their way of Teaching and I'm gratified with their training thank you IIFA.

    Anil Bhat

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